The Vicious Isles

A year passed since you were able to retrieve the Band of Ice from a distant, unnamed island in the north east. Your kingdom has expanded it’s borders by about 450 km2, expanding significantly in it’s farming and mining capacity. Some minor vandals were dealt with, and it was an excellent year for farming.

However, with this expansion comes more lands to defend. While beasts and elementals have yet to set foot in any significant way, an army of 200 decently equipped soldiers with a platoon of well-equipped rangers approached your borders from the north. They seemed aware of your presence, although not quite sure what to expect. They did not come with under a banner of peace, needing an artifact that they believe you possess. Balthazar was able to flex his muscles and get some more information with some deftly woven bluffs by Romulus. Later Rodryq captured a spy while unintentionally slaying a second.

Romulus, in his beneficence, gave the burial rites to the 50 hostages while the rest of the hostiles moved around the territory. They decided to hang the spy from a tree signifying the dishonour of breaking the treaty and risking not just the army’s life, but with it everyone from Acon. Out of spite Balthazar burned the tree down, thinking to insight fear into the soldiers, however this was seen as a sign of forgiveness, giving the spy some redemption.

Rodryq followed the army to the southern tip of the continent. The army was obviously searching for some clues, but were unsurprisingly fruitless. They were able to build themselves two ships to carry their men to the Vicious Isles.

The Islands consist of one large island, roughly 15km in diameter, and three smaller islands. The southern two islands are active volcanic islands with magma elementals, devoid of vegetation. The northern island consists of a dormant volcano with moderate vegetation. There is a bay that appears excellent for landing a ship, but there was a suspiciously precipitous drop of tide as one of the two Aconian ships approached, smashing the ship on underwater jagged rocks. The main island has several peaks and active lava flows. Rodryq’s superb scouting let him navigate the island while avoiding detection other than a distant and territorial thunderbird. He was able to discover a magnificently hidden cave. Bringing his party back they discovered a society of Fey, calling themselves Pech.

The Pech, a short race of 3’6" are surprisingly stocky, weighing close to 50kg. They were extremely hospitable, throwing several feasts for you, although the fair was of local lizards it was quite delicious. The Loremaster was able to find minimal concrete information in their library. They explained their plight; they were driving from there home 200 years ago by a great neothelid. Upon agreeing to rid the monster in exchange for access to their knowledge.

After defeating the neothelid (and more feasts) they discover that it Earth Band possibly resides in a type of demi-plane set up by their masters ages ago. They can teleport you there, however the method of transportation will take a month to fully understand, and the ritual itself will take many of them simultaneously channeling for two days.

You agree to be in contact with them via sending, and can teleport to and from their home. Furthermore the Pech will seal their cave entrance better, leaving by magic when necessary.

The Giants are Coming

A group of business people were trying to salvage some mining equipment 2 hexes outside of your patrolled border. They had set up a temporary camp, and were creating a list of all the goods present. Then thery were attacked by frost giants who carried the supplies away. There was a smaller hideout half a days march into the mountains. From here Rodryq and Romulus were able to track them 2 1/2 days to their larger cave. Here they found a scroll containing an itemized list of mining equipment. They also found a scroll in a language that you do not know. It seems familiar, perhaps from your interactions w/ the Yuan-Ti.

Leading the frost giant was a cloud giant with 2 ice elementals.

*note: remember to make pool percentage rolls from Fall


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